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Malcolm Hasman

Year After Year ... Vancouver's #1 Real Estate Agent

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West Vancouver Waterfront West Vancouver Waterfront
$24,800,000 - Call: Malcolm Hasman at 604.290.1679
World Class Residence World Class Residence
$22,000,000 - Call: Malcolm Hasman at 604.290.1679
2848 Bellevue 2848 Bellevue
$16,880,000 - Call: Malcolm Hasman at 604.290.1679
Magnificient Altamont Residential Magnificient Altamont Residential
$16,800,000 - Call: Malcolm Hasman at 604.290.1679
2638 Finch Hill 2638 Finch Hill
$13,980,000 - Call: Malcolm Hasman at 604.290.1679

Malcolm Hasman

Year After Year ... Vancouver's #1 Real Estate Agent

List Your Property with Greater Vancouver’s #1 Real Estate Agent

This past year has been another record year selling more luxury real estate in Greater Vancouver than any other REALTOR®* in the industry. With nearly $500 million in sales over the past 5 years alone, my passion for selling real estate in this magnificent city is as strong today as ever.

As a leader in the industry for the past 20 years, it is most important that I continually look for new ways to ensure that my clients’ properties gain the most exposure to the market. This has included developing the city’s most effective real estate website, showcasing all my luxury properties with high definition Architectural Digest photography.

In my commitment to maximize exposure, I have introduced an exciting new look to my comprehensive marketing program. Working with some of the most creative minds in the advertising, branding and marketing fields, we have designed a new look for my advertising that is more eye catching, more compelling, and most importantly, more effective than ever.

High profile, full page feature advertisements that promote my website and all my luxury properties are now placed in some of the most respected magazine publications, which target a large segment of qualified potential buyers who are always looking to find luxury properties in our beautiful city.

My expansive communication network today provides direct access to potential buyers in Mainland China and throughout Asia, Indonesia, India, Great Britain and both Europe and Russia as well as South America and South Africa.

Simply put, I truly believe that if you are serious about selling your luxury property, there is not a more effective or impressive marketing program available anywhere in the industry today.

My exclusive clients and their wonderful properties deserve nothing less!

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